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Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions of OGD™ Overhead Garage Door. (the “Terms and Conditions”) are incorporated into every Customer contract, quote, estimate or other written proposal of work of OGD™ Overhead Garage Door. (the “Contractor”). Customer is defined to be a homeowner or other contractor who has entered into a written contract with Contractor to perform work. The Terms and Conditions are not transferrable or assignable.


  • Contractor will perform all services for Customer in accordance with generally acceptable industry standards of other competent contractors performing the same or similar services in the state where the services are performed.


  • Any estimate provided to Customer is effective for thirty calendar (30) days from the date of issuance. After the expiration of the 30-day period, Customer will be required to obtain a new estimate from Contractor. Estimates do not include any painting or touchup desired by Customer or later requested alterations or deviations from the original scope of work.


  • To become a binding contract all estimates must be approved in writing by the Customer. Approval in writing may be made by email or other writing. Written approval is necessary for an Order or Work Order to be scheduled for installation. Any changes/cancellations made or requested after approval or acceptance by Customer are subject to acceptance by Contractor and/or additional Customer approval of any applicable charges or fees. All written approvals subject the estimate, quote or other written proposal to these Terms and Conditions.

Payment Terms.

  • If Customer is a homeowner: Customer must pay in advance a minimum payment of half the provided estimate for all installations and special orders. Special orders are non-refundable. Upon final installation, full payment must be paid immediately upon completion of work and receipt of invoice.
  • If Customer is a contractor: The contractor shall pay 100% up front or as otherwise agreed upon by the parties.
  • Special Order. In the event Customer places a special order, it is Customer’s responsibility to inspect the order to verify the product ordered is correct. Upon arrival of the materials, if Customer is not satisfied with the product when delivered for reasons other than damage, Customer must pay any costs associated with the exchange of materials, including any difference in price for the new materials and any restocking fee Contractor may apply. OGD™ Overhead Garage Door will not be held liable for orders taking longer to receive due to manufactures wait times. Once any door (not just special order doors) order has been processed it can not be canceled without the service call and additional re stocking fees being paid. Those fees will vary.
  • Delinquent Account. If a delinquent account is turned over for collection, Customer will be responsible for all costs of collection, including, but not limited to, collection agency fees, attorneys fees,and court costs. Any invoice not paid within thirty (30) days from the date due will be subject to a finance charge of eighteen percent (18%) per annum or the maximum rate allowed by law until paid.\
  • No Withholding of Payment/Termination for Non-payment. Customer shall not withhold or make any deductions from payments due Contractor on account of penalty or back charges for alleged defective work. Furthermore, Customer agrees and recognizes that payment for services rendered by Contractor when due is an express condition precedent to Contractor continuing work as herein described in this Agreement. Customer recognizes failure to pay for services when due shall entitle Contractor to terminate work immediately. In the event Contractor terminates work for non-payment as herein described, Contractor shall be entitled to all of its reasonable expenses including, but not limited to, cost of labor, materials, a reasonable allowance for overhead and profit, and all other compensation as allowed by law, and all warranties of OGD™ Overhead Garage Door. will be void.

Site Conditions

  • If Contractor must obtain access to other properties in the course of work, Customer shall secure permission for such and hold harmless and indemnify Contractor and its employees and agents against all actions and consequences arising or relating to the use of said properties, including but not limited to damage done in the normal course of work, excluding negligence, and for securing said property and its contents during and after work.
  • Door Casings. Customer is required to have casing for the garage doors openings installed before Contractor shall be required to hang the doors. If Customer does not have casings around the garage doors, Contractor may agree, at its discretion, to install the doors, but shall not be liable for any damages resulting from the lack of door casings. Failure to have casings around the door openings shall also void any warranties provided herein. Contractor may, at the Customer’s instruction and expense, install the casings, but such work will be deemed an extra expense to the Customer in addition to the original quote provided.
  • Customer Responsibility to Clear and Secure the Worksite. Before and during Contractor’s work, Customer shall secure, remove and protect all persons and property, and any contents thereof from the worksite, including but not limited to adults, children, animals, cabinets, fixtures flooring, walls, tiling, carpets, drapes, furniture, vehicles, and vegetation during and upon completion of work, and shall hold harmless and indemnify Contractor, its employees and agents against all claims arising out of Customer’s failure to do so.

Service/Repair Warranty

  • Service or repair work for Residential customer is 30 days on labor and 1 year on parts that are replaced. The service call is also under a 30 day warranty. After 30 days from the invoice date, the customer will be responsible for the service call and any labor that applies. This warranty is the standard warranty unless otherwise noted on the invoice.

Customer Contact Authorization & Security

  • By completing any request for further information via a print or digital, the customer grants permission to OGD™ Overhead Garage Door to contact him or her regarding any business matters via phone call, email & text messages.  This includes customer initiated requests for appointments via this website & any other website that OGD™ Overhead Garage Door oversees.  Customers understand that OGD™ Overhead Garage Door will only contact them at reasonable times of day & always with professional language & tone concerning any repair or service needs the customer has.
  • OGD™ Overhead Garage Door will not share any personal information including, by not limited to, name, address, phone number, email address, and invoices with any 3rd parties.  Customer information is safe & secure and only used in-house to satisfy any garage door repair & installation needs the customer may have.

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